Motor Vehicle Section

Motor Vehicles

Contact Head of Office

Sarwat Abbas, WBCS(Exe)

Regional Transport Officer (RTO)


03222-274425 (Extn. 446) / 03222-275312 (Direct)

Name of ARTOs

(Extn. 460)

Name of MVIs

Sri Ramsundar Samui, MVI (T.)

Present staff strength of section

UDA-11, LDA-1, Gr.D -8

Acts, Rules & Codes administered by the Section

  1. Motor Vehicles Act 1988
  2. Central Motor Vehicles Rule 1989
  3. West Bengal Motor Vehicles Rules 1989
  4. West Bengal Motor Vehicle Tax Act 1979
  5. West Bengal Additional Tax and One Time Tax on Motor Vehicles Act 1992

Motor Vehicles Manual

  1. Motor Vehicles Taxes & Fees
  2. Motor Vehicles Offence


  1. form1-Aplication for Learners licence,Driving Licence or Renewal
  2. form2 Application for Grant or Renewal of Learner Licence
  3. form25 Aplication for renewal of RC of MV Other than transport vehicles
  4. form26 Intimation of Loss of RC
  5. form28 NOC for Vehicle Transfer
  6. form29_30 Notice for Transfer of Ownership
  7. form34 Aplication for making agreemnet of hire Purchase,Lease,Hypothetication prior to registration
  8. form35 Notice of Termination of Agreement of Hire urchase,Lease & Hypothetication
  9. form4 Application for Licence to drive a Motor Vehicle
  10. form9 Aplication for Renewal of Driving Licence
  11. form_CFRA Aplication for Renewal of Fitness
  12. form_I_IA_II Aplication for permit for stage carriage& Contract carriage
  13. form_III Aplication for Goods carriage Permit
  14. form_IX Aplication for Temporary Permit
  15. form_LconA Aplication for Conductor Licence
  16. form_LLD Intimation for loss and Aplication for Duplicate Licence
  17. form_PSPA Aplication for Special Public Service Vehicle
  18. form_LLD Intimation of Loss and Aplication for Duplicate Licence
  19. form_PSPA Aplication for Special permit for ublic Service Vehicle
  20. form_TO Intimation of Transfer of ownership OWNERSHIP by Transferee
  21. formE_F Aplication for Motor Vehicle Registration

Registers maintained by the Section

No. of inspections carried out in the year 2010-2011

Major findings of inspections

Action taken on inspections

Audit objections pending, if any