Medinipur Through the Ages


1500 BC
Reference of Tamralipta first found.
327 BC
Existence of Tamralipta during Alexander’s invasion to India.
251 BC
The Kalinga war of Ashoka.Tamralipta becomes a part of Mourya empire.
320 AD
Tamralipta flourishes under the Gupta rulers.
605 AD
Rise of ruler Sasanka in Bengal who ruled over Tamralipta and Dandabhukti (present day Dantan).
1021-1023 AD
Attack of Rajendara Dhol in Rarh and the beginning of the fall of Tamralipta.
1135 AD
Anant Barman captures Midhunpur (Medinipur) and fall of Aramyadurg(Arambagh). Medinipur becomes a part of Orissa.
1203 AD
Bakhtiar Khalji captures Nadia and the beginning of the Muslim rule in Bengal.
13th to 15th Century
The Hindu rulers of Bishnupur and Chitua and zamindars of South Bengal prevent complete Muslim domination over Bengal.
1497 AD
Attack of Alauddin Hussain Shah in Orissa.
1509-1518 AD
Chaitanya Dev visits Puri by travelling through Medinipur. War takes place between Orissa ruler Pratap Rudra and Alauddin Hussain Shah.Considerable areas of Medinpur is captured by the Muslims from the Surya Banshi rulers of Orissa.
1514 AD
Hijli Port becomes an important centre of commercial trade. Arrival of Portuguese from Orissa.
1574-1575 AD
War between Mughals and Afghans near Tukaroi village. Afghans are defeated by Todarmal. The name ‘Mughal Mari’ emerges.
1519 AD
Birth of Rasik Anand in Gopiballavpur.
1593 AD
Capture of Orissa and Medinipur by Raja Man Singh. Medinipur subsequently comes under Mughal rule.
1622 AD
Revolt by Shahjahan.
1632 AD
Death of Rasik Anand.
1687 AD
Arrival of Job Charnock in Hijli from Hooghly.
1690-1696 AD
Sova Singh, Zamindar of Chitua (Presently Ghatal) revolts.
1701 AD
Murshid Kuli Khan becomes the Fouzdar of Medinipur and Bardhaman.
1710 AD
Murshid Kuli Khan becomes the Dewan of Bengal.
1740 AD
Battle of Giria between Alivardi Khan and Sarfaroz Khan and subsequent defeat of Alivardi Khan.
1742 AD
Attack of Marathas (Bargi) in Bengal.
1743 AD
Second attack of Marathas in Bengal led by Bhaskar Pandit.
1744 AD
Third attack of Marathas led by Bhaskar Pandit, plunder of Orissa and Medinipur. Bhaskar Pandit is finally killed by Alivardi Khan.
1750 AD
Alivardi Khan sets a permanent camp in Medinipur as a protection against Maratha raids.
1752 AD
Marathas kill the Nawab of Orissa, Nazim Mir Habib. A large part of Orissa and Medinipur comes under Maratha rule.
1760 AD
Attack of Marathas led by Shib Bhatta. The Nayeb of Medinipur Khushi Lal Singh is defeated. Mir Kasim becomes the Nayeb of Bengal. As per treaty Chakal, Medinipur, Bardhaman and Chetua is handed over to East India Company.
1763 AD
‘Barabazar’ in Medinipur is set up.
1765 AD
East India Company wins the Dewani rights of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa.
1766 AD
Famine in Bengal. ‘Bibi Bazar or Small Bazar’ is set up.
1768 AD
Spanish Bar set up in Patnabazar.
1770 AD
Wide spread famine in Medinipur
1777 AD
The first Collector of Medinipur and Jaleswar districts Mr. Pears is appointed.
1783 AD
Medinipur town is declared as district headquarter on 2nd September.
1792 AD
Famine in Medinipur.
1799-1800 AD
Pyke revolt led by Rani Shiromoni and Chunilal Khan begins at Silda.
1806 -1816 AD
Nayek revolt led by Achal Singh
1814 AD
Local residents of Medinipur set up Medinipur Collegiate School.
1820 AD
Iswarchandra Vidyasagar born in Birsingha village at present in Ghatal Sub-division.
1823 AD
Devastating flood in Medinipur.
1831-1834 AD
Recurring floods in Medinipur
1835 AD
Medinipur Alms House set up which was later renamed as Medinipur Charitable Society.
1836 AD
Medinipur Collegiate School is recognized by the Government and upgraded to a High School in 1840. Bankim Chandra Chatterjee was a student of this school.
1839-1840 AD
Floods in Medinipur.
1841 AD
Brahma Samaj established in Medinipur by Shiv Chandra Deb.
1851 AD
Devastating famine in Medinipur. Debendra Nath Tagore arrives in Medinipur.
1852 AD
Medinipur Public Library is set up and Belly becomes its first President and Rishi Rajnarayan Basu becomes the first Secretary. Presently this library is known as Rajnarayan Smriti Pathagar(Rajnarayan Memorial Library).
1856 AD
Jadav Chandra Bose sets up the first Bengali School at Tamluk.
1857 AD
Sepoy Mutiny. Same Mutiny takes places called the Paltan Mutiny in the Sekhawat Battalion in Medinipur. Leader of the revolt, a Tewari Brahmin is hanged in the Collegiate School ground.
1864 AD
Famine in Medinipur.
1870 AD
The first Girls’ School is set up at Tamluk.
1886 AD
Steamer service is set up between Diamondharbour and Tamluk.
1893 AD
M.N. Roy(alias Narendra Nath Bhattacharjee) is born in Kheput village under Daspur.
1901 AD
Bengal Provincial Conference takes place in Burdge Town in Medinipur. Satyendra Nath Banerjee and Narendra Nath Ghosh are present in the conference. Bar Library and Printing Press set up at Tamluk.
1902 AD
Arabinda Ghosh arrives in Medinipur. Extremists Groups under Hemchandra Das Kanungo , Satyendranath Bose and Gyanendra Nath Bose set up in Medinipur. Tatanagar-Kharagpur section of Bengal-Nagpur Railway is inaugurated.
1903 AD
Sister Nivedita spreads her message in Medinipur.
1904 AD
Devastating plague epidemic takes place in Ghatal.
1905 AD
Partition of Bengal has drastic opposition in Medinipur.
1906 AD
Hem Chandra Das Kanungo designs the Indian tri colour which is subsequently unfurled by Madam Kama at Stuttgart in Germany.
1907 AD
Flood in Ghatal and drought in Jhargram. Attempt to blow away train at Narayangarh Station to kill Andrew Frazer.
1908 AD
Attack of Khudiram and Prafulla Chaki on Kingsford in Muzaffarpur. Unfortunately, Mrs. and Miss Kenedy died. Kshudiram is hanged and Prafulla Chaki commits suicide.
1912 AD
Attack on police informer Abdul Rahaman during a Muharram procession.
1914 AD
Floods in Sadar sub-division in Medinipur.
1919 AD
Devastating floods in Tamluk, Ghatal and Sadar Sub-divisions. Then Bengal Governor Lord Ronald Shaw visits flood affected areas.
1920 AD
Wide spread revolt in Medinipur during the visit of Prince of Wales in India. Gandhiji arrives in Medinipur.
1922 AD
Jhargram Sub-division is set up with its headquarters at Jhargram.
1923 AD
Rediscovery of Digha.
1924 AD
First High School in Jhargram, K.K. Institution is set up. Birendranath Sasmal and Prafulla Roy visits Tamluk.
1925 AD
Gandhiji revisits in Medinipur.
1929 AD
Agitation begins to abolish Choukidari Tax under the leadership of Birendra Nath Sasmal. Netaji Subhas Chandra Basu arrives in Medinipur.
1930 AD
Salt Satyagraha begins. Killing of police officers by agitated mob in Daspur thana.
1931 AD
Assassination of district Collector Mr. Peddy by Jyoti Jivan Ghosh and Bimal Dasgupta.
1932 AD
District Collector Douglas is killed by Pradyot Bhattacharjee and Pravangshu Pal. Wide spread agitation in Sadar sub-division to abolish Choukidari tax.
1933 AD
District Collector Burdge is assassinated by Anath Bandhu Panja and Mrigendranath Dutta.
1934 AD
Large scale earth quake in Sadar Sub-division. Concerted efforts made by the District Collector for improvement of Digha.
1937 AD
Netaji Subhas Chandra Basu arrives at Tamluk. Vidyasager Memorial established at Birshingha village in Ghatal Sub-division.
1938 AD
Netaji Subhas Chandra Basu arrives at Ghatal.
1942 AD
Quit India agitation spreads rapidly in Medinipur. Matangini Hazra and other revolutionaries were killed.
1945 AD
Hindu-Muslim riots spread in Ghatal.
1947 AD
Medinipur celebrates Indian independence.
1948 AD
Kharagpur College, Ashutosh Higher Secondary School(Daspur PS) and Rani Binod Manjari Girls’ School (Jhargram) established.
1949 AD
First college in Jhargram Sub-division.
1954 AD
IIT, the first of its kind in India set up.
1955 AD
Kharagpur Athletic Association Stadium set up and inauguration of Homeopathy College.
Polytechnic set up at Jhargram. Raja Nerendra Lal Khan Girls’ College established in Medinipur.
1959 AD
Devastating floods in Daspur. Jawaharlal Nehru visits flood affected areas.
1960 AD
Ghatal Panskura road constructed.
1961 AD
Medinipur District Library set up. Dak Bungalow constructed at Goaltore.
1962 AD
Primary Health Centre and Social Worker’s training centre set up at Belpahari. Kharagpur-I, II and Sankrail blocks created.
1963 AD
Haldia Port and Oil Refinery establishment works begin.
1964 AD
Two subsidiary Health Centres set up at Makrampur.
1973 AD
Approval of setting up of Kolaghat Thermal Power Plant by Government of India.
1976 AD
Scooter factory set up at Nimpura in Kharagpur.